Within its IT service, eMBED offers a Projects and Programmes service that provides support and assistance around major IT change projects all the way through to small minor works projects.

Services here include:

  • Management and administration of the process for authorising projects
  • Defining standards for managing programmes and projects within the eMBED IT service.
  • Provision of experienced and qualified programme and project managers to run IT programmes and projects.
  • Providing guidance on project-related matters and advice on project management training.
  • The provision of project support resources.
  • Robust project governance processes to ensure projects are delivered to customers defined requirements, on time and to budget.

Projects that the service undertakes can include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Software development
  • Practice mergers
  • NHS national projects

For the customer, this leads to better efficiency in delivering services, consistency in the quality of project delivery and a mechanism to identify and mitigate against risks.