Stockport Together – Whole System Transformation

Partners from the Stockport Health and Social Care economy (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Pennine Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group), appointed BDO to engage in an economy Health and Social Care Transformation project. The Health & Social Care economy faced significant financial and service challenges over the next five years. The objective was to develop a whole system five year strategy to address the challenges.

Key Achievements:

  • Aligned Leaders across the partner organisations to create a shared vision
  • Supported Stockport Together to gain Vanguard status, and receive £19m of the £20m funding requested
  • Developed new models of care for each Programme and at a system-wide level
  • Created a bespoke data tool and modelled the impact of the transformation programme on health and wellbeing outcomes, activity and income flows, recurrent revenue expenditure, capital investment and transitional/one-off costs across the system
  • Developed Financial and Strategic Blueprints, and a Vision Decision for each Programme.

“Working with BDO [part of the eMBED Health Consortium] had a significant positive impact on Leader relationships across the partnership in Stockport. They provided objective challenge and surfaced the key issues, thus creating the conversations that Leaders needed to have. BDO supported the organisations in developing a joint Vision in a very short period of time, which really helped to accelerate plans and build confidence in improved relationships. This improved partnership and shared vision was instrumental in the work receiving NHS England Vanguard status.”

Steve Sewell, Portfolio Director, Stockport Together