Our support is designed to meet your needs

People sat at a desk

Whether you choose to receive full end-to-end support or a single service, our intelligence-led approach means the service eMBED provides will be matched to your needs.

We will work with you to uncover exactly the support you need by stretching your thinking on what might be possible. eMBED will help you decide the best way to achieve the delivery you are seeking.

Not only will this help you prioritise your requirements, it helps us pinpoint exactly the right mix of skills and experience you require from us. By bringing our teams together from the outset, we aim to create a collaborative relationship, in which your colleagues know and trust our people. Because we base our support around your specific requirements and not around service silos, we are able to put in place support that is joined up, enables change and makes processes more efficient.

If you require niche support for specific projects, we will find suppliers that best suit you, and work together with them under a specially developed collaborative framework.

The eMBED Health Consortium brings a proven experience of

  • Managing public services capability
  • A clear and accountable approach to delivering support
  • A market-leading, next generation approach to business intelligence, delivering unique and real insight
  • An established track record in health and social care transformation and
  • An award winning communications/ patient engagement capability
  • An intelligence-led approach to transformation.

These combined capabilities ensured that eMBED mobilised the Yorkshire and Humber contract quickly, effectively and seamlessly.