eMBED won the Yorkshire and Humber contract on the LPF framework at the end of 2015.  This contract covers 23 CCGs across 10 service lines.  Through the contract, eMBED helps NHS commissioners focus on making the best and most effective decisions for patients by taking care of many vital, non-clinical services.

These include:

  • ICT to 500 GP practices, clinical commissioning groups, NHS Trusts and other NHS organisations.
  • Business intelligence tools and resources to inform decisions on patient services, help assess performance, and improve standards.
  • Corporate services, such as equality & diversity advice, health & safety advice, patient liaison and engagement to support service redesign.
  • Business and support services, such as payroll, HR, finance and procurement.

Despite the size and complexity of the contract, eMBED successfully mobilised the contract by seamlessly transferring services and staff whilst continuing the existing service with minimal disruption.

click here to see our infographic highlighting our key achievements during mobilisation.

Our mobilisation was led by a dedicated team of mobilisation specialists with experience of delivering multiple large scale transitions of services and staff.

Our approach to mobilisation was based on three core principles:

minimal change to the current service

  • We minimised change to the current service during mobilisation to reduce the risk of disruption business as usual and to offer our customers an improved service during and after mobilisation.

minimise disruption through stabilising the service 

  • eMBED focused on identifying major service hotspots early in mobilisation so that interventions or plans could be put in place to improve performance.

customer and staff focused

  • Engagement with staff and customers was critical to successfully mobilising. Strong governance and extensive engagement with staff was core to our approach.

Factors critical to the success of the mobilisation

Stakeholder engagement during mobilisation

  • Pre mobilisation, similar services were being delivered in a variety of ways to different customers. There was no common synergistic approach.
  • Engaging with each customer to understand their requirements was critical in helping to plan and deliver services.
  • The incumbent CSU was closing down leaving staff uncertain of their future
  • Engagement with customers, transferring staff, unions and the incumbent CSU were all critical to bringing everyone together under a single plan
  • Formal governance was established – including NHS England to govern the mobilisation.
  • Formal and informal staff engagement took place throughout the mobilisation period to reduce staff fears, uncertainties and doubts.
  • Trade unions were engaged throughout the process.
  • Additional weekly customer meetings held with local clusters to cover more detailed topics

Overcoming third party contractual issues

  • Poor legacy contract management led to third party contract challenge during mobilisation
  • It took significant collaborative work to get to the bottom of in-scope contracts with many hundreds of additional contracts being identified during the process.
  • eMBED now has control over these contracts and is actively managing suppliers.
  • We worked with incumbent, customers and suppliers to minimise disruption in transfer.

Data sharing agreements

  • Most DSAs were not in place previously
  • National issue identified with regards to usage of risk stratification data
  • Worked extensively with NHSE and HSCIC to identify and resolve issues, including working with each customer to complete all tasks required to achieve authorisation.


  • With such large number of stakeholders communication was critical to success
  • We launched a customer portal to share all our latest information, plans and updates, providing updates weekly
  • We launched a staff portal sharing important information and updates with all staff, including a weekly update
  • We engaged with unions and staff representatives throughout the process
  • We communicated with GPs via customer communications teams
  • We listened to feedback and acted on it

Sound methodology

  • eMBED used its tried and tested mobilisation methodology to deliver a successful mobilisation project.
  • This approach covered all aspects of the mobilisation from initial discovery activities through to transfer of third party contracts and setup of estates arrangements

Experienced transition team

  • A sound methodology is only meaningful when coupled with an experienced team.
  • eMBED leadership has many years’ experience in delivering complex mobilisations across the public sector